Make sure your team is on the same page. Get Slack notifications whenever new documents are created or when existing ones are shared with you, modified or deleted.

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Slack notifications whenever you work on Google Drive docs
Now supports watching a specific folder!

What does it look like?

It looks like this:

What do I get with this service?

Our service polls Google Drive for changes in your directories and posts notifications to your Slack channel every time something happens to your documents.

This is something more than what is available from other services: you will in fact receive notifications not only when new documents are created, but also when existing ones are shared with you, modified or deleted.

Disclaimer: this service is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by neither Slack Technologies, Inc. nor Google, Inc.

How do I subscribe?

Easy: just click the green "Go" to begin, our wizard will guide you through.

It's a simple four steps process:

  • authorize our service to access info on your Google Drive changes
  • authorize our service to send you messages on Slack
  • choose a Slack #channel, @user or leave blank for #general
  • new! choose a Drive folder to watch, or leave blank to include all

In case you have multiple Google accounts, make sure to use the same one in the first and last steps (i.e. choose a folder from the same Google Drive account you have authorized to watch), or it won't work.

How do I unsubscribe?

Unsubscribing from our service is incredibly easy. Just revoke authorizations for our application from your Google account and from your Slack account.

No need to do anything else; our systems will notice and remove your registration

If you want to change your configuration, just create another subscription using the same Google account: the old one will be automatically removed.

I want to know more!

Feel free to contact us anytime via email or twitter!

How can I watch a specific folder?

New feature! Just select it during the registration process. If you don't specify a folder, all folders under your 'My Drive' will be watched.

Selecting multiple folders is currently not supported. If you do need such a feature, please open an issue on github.

Which permissions do you require?

We ask for the bare minimum permissions required to offer our service.

On Slack:

  • post to be able to send new messages to your slack domain

On Google:

  • email address and basic profile info to discriminate between different users
  • metadata for files and documents in your Google Drive to access Google Drive changes stream
  • read access to files and documents in your Google Drive (during registration only), to allow you to choose the folder to watch

We do not require any kind of write permissions on your file contents.

What will you do with my data?

Informations obtained by our service will be used only for service-related purposes (no data will be shared with third parties).

To provide you with the service, our system reads the following fields only from your changes stream:

  • largestChangeId
  • items.deleted
  • items.file.explicitlyTrashed
  • items.file.alternateLink
  • items.file.mimeType
  • items.file.createdDate
  • items.file.modifiedDate
  • items.file.sharedWithMeDate
  • items.file.title
  • items.file.lastModifyingUser.displayName
  • items.file.lastModifyingUser.emailAddress
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